Sandy was hit by a car and has exposed bones… helped!

These rescuers never cease to amaze us with their willingness to help animals… and the horrors they see every day. This dog was urgent, we saw the plea for help… and thanks to donations, we (yes, you!) are a big part of saving her life!!!

First we saw the plea for help:

Then we saw that they had arranged a taxi for the dog to get to the vet (yes, there are dog taxis in Tijuana):

And so we sent funds directly to the treating veterinarian:

Poly’s legacy… still saving lives!!!!

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Dottie was on the streets suffering…

… and a wonderful rescuer stepped up to help her… So helped with medical bills. She likely has TVT (cancer of the sex organs) – but it’s curable and she’s on her way to health and happiness!

donate at 

On the streets:

In the rescuers car on her way to vet:

Her TVT (warning – graphic):

Trooper is fighting the good fight… UPDATE

Trooper has SEVERE head trauma. During the first few days he had to be sedated and fed through a tube. After he woke up, he was able to eat on his own if held upright but could only “swim” on the ground.

As of 4/25/17 he is in foster care (under close veterinary supervision). Over the last three weeks he has started to right himself and sit on his own… and has even started to walk a bit while leaning. Yes, this video is very sad at the beginning… but it also shows hope when he starts to walk.

Currently all we can give him is time and love and hope his brain heals so that he has more and more muscle control… and we will ALWAYS keep his quality of life as our top priority.

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Trooper update… cautious optimism!

Today his swelling was way down so vet took him off sedation… and within a couple of hours he was eating and drinking on his own (with some help get and stay in a safe position to eat)…. so they took the feeding tube out too!

He still can’t sit or stand on his own… so we wait and see if he starts to have more motor skills as his brain heals… but this news today is VERY encouraging!